Sunday, December 10, 2006

Sujatha Rangarajan

I came to know about Sujatha (writer) not by his famous novels or attracted by his great screenplay but by his writings (Katrathum Petrathum) in vikatan. Now I realise that those are actually his blogs! I like his way of describing the events. In one issue he will talk about science and next issue will be about politics. I got really amazed when I stumbled upon one issue 'Azhvargal oru arimugam' in Kumudam Bakthi. I wondered how he has this in depth knowledge in Tamizh and at the same time in technology. Due to his clear understanding on various subject I even wondered whether this guy will spend all his time in reading wide variety of topics. The big deal in this is not understanding but by explaining that in the lucid manner which even a lay man can understand.. and it's child play for Sujatha.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

இசை - Music

Upto my college days.. When someone utters the word 'Music'.. some tamil songs and good music in Ads will come to my mind.. In my school days there was a weekly TV program (Oliyum Oliyum) which will play 6 or 7 latest tamil songs and that program was big hit... People used to wait for Fridays and pray for the next song to be their favourite! Then one fine day I entered college which opened my ears to english songs.. Being a die-hard tamil songs fan ( thanks to Illayaraja and A.R.Rahman), I was bit allergic to English songs @ first... until I heard "Show me the meaning of being lonely" by Backstreet boys.. I liked the mild sadness which ran thru the full song.. and now I like lot of English songs... I won't say I changed since it didn't take away my interest on Tamil songs.. It has just broadened my music vocabulary! Now with a iPod Shuffle in my hand.. Music and I have come a long way... together...
"Music is a higher revelation than all wisdom and philosophy, it is the wine of a new procreation ... " - Ludwig van Beethoven

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Name? - பெயர்?

At last created a blog site for me to share my thoughts.. and now... what to write? ... Ok Let me share with you - Why I chose 'Kalvettu' as name for my blog?

Kalvettu is tamil word which means stone inscriptions where the people inscribed their thoughts in old ages so that it lasts for long time .( Sounds like reading a definition in History book.. Bear with me since this is my first blog.. ) I think blogs are the cyber versions of this age old stone inscriptions and this explains my blog name.. Yes really this will last for a long time I guess.. ofcourse the server hosting this shouldn't crash!!
human kind (again!!) always wanted his creations (either it's a pyramid or temple or book) to be eternal and I'm not an exclusion to this..
Being one of the person to read my first blog msg... Yes.. You didn't win a Free 30GB video ipod but wasted your precious time :))

ok Started to blog and let's see how it goes? More to come and bye for now..